This virtual performing arts camp is for young people entering grades 6-8 who have experienced the death of one or both parents.

Surrounded by a virtual community of peers who have experienced a similar loss, campers explore their creativity through a variety of performing arts activities and online community building.

Teaching artists, supported by group leaders and healing counselors, facilitate activities that encourage teamwork and celebrate the unique talents of each individual camper, giving them creative space to express themselves and build self-confidence.

During our virtual camp, participants will also have the opportunity to experience sharing time. During sharing time, adult community leaders share their experience of losing a parent and speak about how that experience impacted their life. Campers then have the opportunity to participate in reflections and speak with professional healing counselors.

Registrations are now closed. Have questions? Email or call Sheree Stubblefield at 901-529-4247.

Virtual Mending Hearts Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How will camp be conducted online?
We will be utilizing the application Zoom (which is free to download on a smartphone, tablet, or computer).

How do I download Zoom?
Go to in an internet browser and download the application on your device or click the emailed link provided to you each day by OTG.

What is a Meeting ID?
Meeting IDs are the links used to login to each daily session of camp. Each day of camp will have its own unique Meeting ID.

What security measures are being taken to ensure that Zoom sessions are limited to registered campers and OTG staff?
By providing you with a new Meeting ID and password each day, we are taking extra security measures to keep camps limited to registered campers and OTG staff.

What do I do if I encounter technical problems during the camp?
We have created a hotline in the event that you experience technical problems during camp hours. You can call Shasta at 901-529-4242 or Sheree at 901-529-4247.

What do I have to do after logging my camper into Zoom?
Wait for the fun to begin! Once campers are logged in, OTG staff will take it from there!

What are the daily schedules for each camp?
A schedule overview will be provided by email. A daily schedule breakdown will be reviewed at the beginning of camp.

What if I don’t have access to reliable Wi-Fi or an electronic device?
To participate in virtual camp both Wi-Fi and an electronic device are required. Please call Shasta at 901-529-4242 if you would like assistance in finding low-cost Wi-Fi options for your camper to participate.

What is your cancellation policy?
Refunds are available IF canceled before the due date of your final payment. Cancellations made after your due date will forfeit any refund. There are no refunds for missed days.